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Collaboration with ACACIA DIANA

Collaboration with ACACIA DIANA

Hi. I'm Acacia Mardiana Daud, and I'm online as Acacia Diana. I'm a Masters in Architecture graduate, and I'm currently working as a Designer and Photographer.

I really enjoy exploring and learning new cultures. I hope to further these interests in the future by continuing my travelling plans, improving my knowledge in photography, and basically sharing them out with the world. It's cool, it's humbling, it makes you really appreciate what goes on outside of your bubble.

I travel quite a bit, and with travelling you're always on the go, so you need a good pair of shoes - and socks! The cute designs from Tabby really brighten up my day, and sometimes make a good conversation point with the people around me.

Thanks Tabby for the collaboration! Wish you guys all the best!

Photograph by: Husaini Mustapha

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